mishakoalins: knowing that youre a grammy winner who is always traveling the world but youre also just a teen with a blog is the most inspiring thing ever it makes me feel like anythings possibly youre my life inspo i wanna do 100000 school projects about you???


the idea of you doing school projects about me is the greatest thing because i used to do posters for like business class about the achievements of a variety of figures eg. beyonce/mark zuckerberg/charles foucault and just covering them all in wild korean stickers and using a stupid amount of glitter/coloured cardboard and i would LOVE TO BE CAPTURED IN THAT WAY

Anonymous: The music industry needed someone like Lorde, especially since Adele seems to be on a long break. For so long raw, original talent has been lacking tremendously and she basically brought that back. It's great to see when an artist doesn't sing what is trending or doesn't feel the need to get naked to gain popularity, I really hope she is here to stay for a long time.

great points made there. go lorde